Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Friday was such a beautiful day! We spent most of the day outside. This was Hudson's first time to really play in dirt! He was loving it!

My little bunny
After naps, we had some yummy cupcake goldfish before our egg hunt!
The eggs all ready for the babies!

This is how Hudson hunted for eggs. We call this his gorilla walk. He gets up on all fours. Silly boy! It looks way harder than walking, but someone's a little stubborn. ;)

Hudson gave his friends little carrot goodie bags.
That night we went for pizza for dinner. Hudson was excited!
I just love Hudson in these next pics, so I had to include them!

I LOVE this outfit that my friend Sonja got him. Hudson looks adorable in pink!

We went to visit the Easter bunny on Saturday. I had a feeling that Huds would cry and I was right! Poor little guy! But he was fine as soon as I picked him up and they handed him a plastic egg with candy and bunny ears. Then, he was all smiles!
Classic Easter bunny picture! ;)

The Easter Bunny came to visit our house and left a lot of goodies for Hudson!
Books, sippy cups, new pajamas, trucks, bubbles, Annie's Bunny Grahams, cupcake Goldfish, Peter Rabbit fruit squeezes, Frozen, a bunny, and a big bouncy ball

The Easter bunny left some things for Mom, Dad, and Fiona, too!

His grandparents sent this huge sheep.

He was so excited when he spotted everything and went straight to his basket!

He had so much fun going through everything. He really seemed interested in every little thing in there.

Tasting his treats!

Fiona got a new toy, too!
More treats!

My cute bunny all dressed up and ready to go!

Pictures first, of course! It was cloudy and sprinkling.

We went to KD's for brunch and it was so good and so fun! The menus lit up!
Hudson was a fan!
We fed the ducks some crackers.

Then, we went over to Bass Pro. Hudson didn't think pictures in front of the fish were a good idea! ;)

We also explored a cool new hotel that had opened.

After naps, Hudson finally got to watch Frozen! He's been obsessed with the song and music video for Let it Go for a while, so I knew he would love it! He did. He literally sat and watched in amazement for a long time.
Looking like a big kid! Sitting in his chair with his cup of snacks and drink watching a movie!