Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Home Tour 2011

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas! My decorations this year are my favorite!

Welcome to our home! 

We'll start with our main tree in the living room. I went with a red, green, and leopard theme to go with our Ballard stockings.

Some of my favorite ornaments...

A Jalapeno Cowboy from the Alamo
One of our wedding ornaments
A nod to our cruise ship beginnings...
Another wedding ornament
Bears from Gatlinburg
Another nod to our cruise ship beginnings
Baby Fi on the day we got her! :)
The first ornament Trey and I got together.

Now, for some mantel pics.

I LOVE our (very popular) stockings!
Love my Santa!

Fiona with Santa... I wish I had taken her every year! I'm going to try to take her this year.

I filled my apothecary jars with ornaments and ribbon.
The glittery signs are from Target last year.

The table...

My angel
The foyer might be my favorite! I love this snowman from Pinkitzel! And I just love the simple white, silvery pretties!

And, of course, my PINK tree!!!! My favorite! :) If you're new around here, my birthday is on December 31, so this tree has kind of become my birthday tree! It has all kinds of sweets ornaments! 
A for Amanda

My favorite ornament
Love this pink ice cream
My mom gave this to me last year and I think it is SOOO adorable!

My collection of teacher ornaments given to me from students.

The outside! We did lights lining our yard this year and I love it! 
It's so much prettier in real life!
The front door
The wreath I made a couple of years ago...Probably will be making a new one for next year.
And the last little touch...some silver sparkly trees in our bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas home tour!

Merry Christmas!!!

(Christmases of the past: 2010, 2009, 2008)

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Nicole said...

I love your door wreathe! Feel free to make me one :)

Leslie@OurJoy...HisGlory said...

You have some really neat furniture in your home. You have done a great job with the decor! Love it all!

Merry Christmas!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

I LOVE your Christmas tree, I really like what you did with the ribbon.

And I'm dying to find that snowman - do you know where you got it from? It's just so cool and I'm kind of obsessed with snowmen :)

Paula said...

Wow! It's all so beautiful!

I have a miniature of that pink tree on my desk at work. I love it! (Maybe I should go for a bigger one next year!)

Merry Christmas!!!

Michaela said...

How special! I love seeing everyone's favorite ornaments. Thanks for linking up with me for our Christmas Cheer link party!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

Everything looks beautiful! I love all your decorations and the pictures of Fiona and Santa are so funny and cute!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I've never seen a tree done in a leopard theme like that--how fun. And I love that pink one!

Nicole said...

Ohhhh, I love the pink tree and apothecary jars!! You're house is gorgeous and festive.

Lily said...

Lovely decorations, your pink tree looks fantastic!

michelle said...

Beautiful! I love all of your special ornaments...

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for visiting me! I love all your decorations...your tree is lovely and I love your Christmas stockings and the wrapped 'presents' on the mantel! So fun! The pink tree is sweet too...I love the big, pink sparkly 'A'. Wishing you wonderful Sunday & Merry Christmas! Angie xo

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said...

Beautiful Christmas decor :)

Jessica said...

Your decorations rare beautiful!! Really love your trees!!